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    On Tuesday, October 22 at Northeastern University SEI President Glenn Bell will report on SEI/ASCE's ambitious plans and offer his own thoughts on initiatives he will stress as SEI's president. Learn More (PDF)...Read More >>

    Angela Fante (Angie), P.E., SECB, joined Ballinger in 2000, two weeks after graduation from Penn State University's integrated Bachelors and Masters of Architectural Engineering program in the Structural Option. She has emerged as a technical leader...Read More >>

    There are a lot of moving parts in the development of SEI standards. One of these moving parts is the coordination of SEI standards with codes and standards produced outside of SEI. The Structural Standards Coordination Council (SSCC) is an SEI board-...Read More >>

    The ASCE/SEI Wood Education Committee (WEC) recognizes that wood design is undergoing significant changes due to the development of new modern materials and manufacturing techniques. Structural engineers are acutely aware of the impact the selection...Read More >>

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